Nuraphone is the best non-gamer ‘gaming headset’ I’ve ever tried

Anyone who has ever consulted with Reddit on the matter of picking a gaming headset that gives you the best bang for your buck knows there’s only one reasonable piece of advice: each pair of headphones can be a gaming headset if you slap a mic on it — and it will probably sound better than any gaming headset marketed as such.

I’m being deliberately hyperbolic, but this argument actually holds water: there’s a marketing “penalty” to the price of almost every popular gaming headset, with some rare exceptions of course (HyperX, if you ask denizens of r/headphones). That means you often end up paying for the brand, not for the audio quality.

There are also certain limitations to gaming headsets. Some of them are locked to specific platforms or consoles, they won’t work with your phone, and they generally make for a poor music listening experience. That’s not to

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