Triumph’s first e-bike is a welcome blend of technology and nostalgia

For many, the Triumph name is synonymous with classic British motorcycles. Circular headlamps, long leather seats; the kind that Steve McQueen rode during the climactic finale of The Great Escape. But Triumph actually started out in 1884 as a pedal-powered bicycle manufacturer. The company’s motorcycles came a little later and the bike business was ultimately sold off and shuffled between a few different owners including Raleigh. It’s felt like an eternity since I’ve seen a new bicycle with the Triumph name. That’s all changed with the Trekker GT, an e-bike designed by the Triumph Motorcycles team in the UK.

a bicycle parked in a grassy field: Triumph Trekker GT

Triumph Trekker GT

Partly designed, anyway. Triumph has wisely chosen to lean on Shimano, a trusted manufacturer of cycling components, for most of the important bits. The Trekker GT uses a 250W Shimano DU-E6100 motor, for instance, to assist the rider’s pedalling. It’s not the most powerful system — Shimano’s E8000

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