Next Normal notes on CRM/CX/CE: Microsoft Ignite? It’s really all about Doom

This is the beginning of what will probably be my “next normal” — a cross between a newsletter and an opinion piece — though not as long as I usually do them. 

Why am I changing? Partly, because I just don’t want to write 5,000-word posts at the moment, though, knowing me, that will change, and I will be doing that again, knowing how much you must miss reading my interminably long writing. Second, a lot is going on, and I’m going to have to be a bit more topical than normal. So, the idea is to do an ongoing newsletter-like format with one bigger (though not by my normal standards) section and then a few very short observations — pithy or otherwise. This series will work in conjunction with the “building a home studio for your business” series I’m doing.

I will be writing the longer pieces when my

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Rocket League Free-To-Play Update Now Live, Official Patch Notes Outlined

Now that Rocket League is free-to-play, developer Psyonix has outlined the official patch notes for the soccar game’s latest update. It mirrors last week’s patch but adds a few more notes about Competitive and the start of Season 1.

The inaugural season of Rocket League, now that the game is free-to-play, began on September 22. Season 1 introduces three new ranks to Competitive, removes the Solo Standard mode, adds a level 10 requirement for Competitive play, and more. There’s also a new Tournament system that Psyonix said feels like Rocket League esports but for all ranks, where players can participate in daily tournaments to rank up and receive rewards.

The most prominent addition to Rocket League thanks to the free-to-play update is cross-progression. This feature lets players carry over their save data from Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One by connecting to an Epic Games account. Furthermore, claiming

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