It’s Back To The Future For Omni-Path InfiniBand

People in the modern era sometimes forget that networking predates the rise of Cisco Systems and the commercialization of the Internet. Long before there even were routers and switches as we know them, there were intelligent subsystems and controllers that linked computers to each other, to end users, and to peripherals, and a lot of the architectures in modern networking are reflections of these approaches, but with modern twists.

As such, Phil Murphy, co-founder and chief executive officer of Cornelis Networks, brings a very long history in networking to bear on the company that he is launching today with Vladimir Tamarkin, vice president of platform engineering, and Gunnar Gunnarsson, vice president of solutions delivery and support. And the mission is to bring Omni-Path interconnect out of stasis and make it a viable alternative to Nvidia’s InfiniBand and Ethernet (formerly from Mellanox), Hewlett Packard Enterprise’s Slingshot (formerly from Cray), and Ethernet

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