New security measures could block one-third of online EU purchases

New European rules on Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) could block more than one-third of online purchases and cost merchants more than $100 billion in lost sales, according to an analyis by payments consultancy CMSPI.

The consultancy says problems will arise for e-commerce merchants beginning January with the introduction of 3D-Secure Version 2.0, an authentication protocol developed by the major card schemes.

The CMSPI report describes the technology as “relatively new and unproven”, adding “significant unnecessary friction to the online commerce experience.”

With the new security protocol adding between 60 seconds and two minutes to the checkout process, testing shows 25% of 3DS2 transactions are abandoned by consumers, compared with single-digit numbers without the technology.

Overall, as many as 35% of 3DS2 transactions fail to go through, either because they are declined, abandoned by frustrated consumers or because of technical errors. If not corrected, that would amount to €108.1 billion

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Hades Has Sold 1 Million Copies, Nearly One-Third Sold In Last Few Days

Just a few days after exiting its early access stage and becoming a “full” game, Supergiant’s Hades has already managed to hit 1 million total sales. Of this number, about 300,000 occurred since its official release.

In its announcement on Twitter, the developer thanked players for not only purchasing the game, but for helping to shape its development during the early access phase. During this period, it was only available on PC, but it has since released for Nintendo Switch, as well.

GameSpot critic Suriel Vazquez played it on

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