Huawei chairman labels ongoing US bans as ‘non-stop aggression’


Huawei rotating chairman Guo Ping.

Huawei’s rotating chairman Guo Ping has announced the company will continue to do everything it can to strengthen its supply chain, despite continuing to encounter “great pressure” and being continuously “attacked”.

“Huawei is in a difficult situation these days. Non-stop aggression has put us under significant pressure,” he said on Wednesday, during his keynote at Connect 2020. 

“We’re still assessing the specific impacts. Right now, survival is the goal.”

Ping elaborated on this point, specifying that the continuous attacks he referred to have been coming from the US government.

“The US has been continuously attacking us and they have modified their laws for the third time, and that has posed great challenges to our production and operation,” he said, speaking to media.

In August, US government expanded its restrictions on the Chinese tech giant by barring it from purchasing chips made by foreign manufacturers using

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COVID-19 smartphone app launched in Pennsylvania | Ongoing Coverage

Pennsylvania launched a smartphone app Tuesday that will alert users if they’ve been close to someone who later tests positive for COVID-19.

The free app, COVID Alert PA, uses bluetooth technology created by Google and Apple to make such connections anonymously, Gov. Tom Wolf said.

“We need to take advantage of all of the best tools,” Wolf said during a news conference that was streamed live from Philadelphia.

State Health Secretary Rachel Levine said the app is an innovative tool to protect the public from the disease, which has killed 8,023 Pennsylvanians since March after 19 new deaths were reported Tuesday. There were no new deaths counted in Washington, Greene, Fayette and Allegheny counties.

Users of the app have the choice to provide their phone numbers to the Health Department to get a call back to check on their symptoms and determine if they need to be tested for COVID-19,

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