Two mobile gaming trends and how operators can ‘play the game’

The global mobile gaming market is expected to reach $165.9 billion in 2020

Mobile games make up the majority of the gaming market, according to a study by DCI, which reported that 51% of global gaming revenue comes from mobile gaming, followed by console games (25%) and PC games (24%). Mobile gaming’s popularity is coupled with the fact that a number of key technologies are emerging that will enhance the player experience, making it a particularity hot market.

In fact, DCI’s study revealed that the global mobile gaming market in 2019 was $151.9 billion and is expected to reach $165.9 billion in 2020.

As mobile service providers become more invested and involved in gaming, there are a number of trends that could impact them. Below is a brief exploration of two of the most prominent trends, as well as a look at telecom operator strategies.

Cloud, powered by 5G


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