ColorOS 11 is OPPO’s chance to lead the way with Android 11

Color OS 11 on Oppo Find X2 Pro

On September 8, Google finally rolled out its stable version of Android 11. With that, the race for each OEM to bring the new software to its devices was on. The first manufacturer to bring a full Android 11 experience to its portfolio of phones may come from a surprising source — OPPO.

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That’s right, OPPO is cementing its place among the largest Android players with the launch of its latest skin, ColorOS 11. You may be wondering what happened to ColorOS 8, 9, and 10, but fear not — the name change is simply to better align with the current Android version.

It feels good to be first

Color OS 11 on Oppo Find X2 Pro AOD Customization

OPPO has been working to counteract the customary delay by taking user-requested features into account and quickly launching its beta program. The beta version actually launched on the same day as Android 11 was announced, and

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