Why Cybercrime Spikes Around Major Events And Unrest

Chief Executive Officer at Trustwave, a global cybersecurity and managed security services leader.

Health pandemics, weather catastrophes, civil unrest, war — these are all unfortunate realities our global society faces at various times. During these major events, our collective sense of routine and normalcy is often replaced with fear and uncertainty. For most of us, our best selves can emerge and even shine during these trying times as we look for ways to help others and seek to provide some measure of comfort.

However, there will always be a small percentage of people who look at chaotic events as prime opportunities to profit off others. This is especially true in the digital realm, where it is alarmingly easy for cybercriminals and fraudsters to take advantage of others from afar while maintaining total anonymity.

There is a strong correlation between the occurrence of major regional and global events and

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