This ‘gaming UPS’ has customizable RGB lighting because of course it does

It had to happen, and it did—a battery backup designed specifically with gamers in mind, or what hardware makers think gamers are all about. That’s to say, Schneider Electric’s new APC Back-UPS Pro Gaming UPS delivers electrical impulses to help with overclocking your GPU, to achieve faster framerates in games! No wait, that would be silly. What I meant to say is, it has (*checks notes*) a dozen RGB LEDs that you can customize.

To be fair, I wouldn’t want an uninterruptible power supply that offers to zap my PC. That’s not what they do. UPS units are intended to protect PCs and other electronics from sudden surges in electricity (the good ones do, anyway), and of course provide some emergency power if the electricity goes out for any reason, like if someone crashes into a utility pole outside your home and knocks it down, along with the power on

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APC targets gamers with its Back-UPS Pro Gaming UPS

Whether you game on an Xbox, a Playstation, or a PC, nothing is more irritating than getting knocked out of a game by an electrical blackout. At best, you’ll get penalized for quitting a multiplayer game. At worst, you’ll see smoke rising from your gear because it got fried from a power surge when the electricity came roaring back.

APC, a division of Schneider Electric and one of the bigger names in uninterruptible power supplies, has announced a brand-new unit aimed squarely at gamers. Not familiar with the concept of a UPS? You can take a deep dive in our product guide here, but at a 5,000-foot level, it’s essentially a very big battery that will supply back-up power in the event of a blackout. The idea is to provide your equipment—including your broadband gateway and router—enough time to shut down gracefully, and give you a few minutes to save

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EBay activates plan to shift more business to UPS and away from Postal Service because of mail delays

The company said that by the end of September, eBay sellers will be able to print out discounted UPS shipping labels, at a cost up to 62 percent cheaper than typical UPS rates.

For the Postal Service, the loss of eBay revenue could be substantial: A spreadsheet of the Postal Service’s largest customers prepared last spring showed the e-commerce site was agency’s second-largest retail customer, shipping more than 130 million items up to that point in the fiscal year. The USPS generated more than $743 million in revenue from eBay packages in that fiscal year while grappling with a $160.9 billion deficit.

EBay is second only to Amazon, which generated more than $2.3 billion in revenue for USPS during the same time frame, and whose business top Postal Service managers were fearful of losing, The Washington Post reported this week.

EBay facilitates online sales by private individuals and businesses across

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