Love and Thunder Will Use The Mandalorian VFX Technology During Filming

The groundbreaking visual effects technology that helped bring The Mandalorian to life will next be used for Thor: Love and Thunder It has been revealed that Industrial Light and Magic, Lucasfilm’s VFX branch, will be supporting upcoming productions by offering virtual production services. Director Taika Waititi will be utilizing the tech for his upcoming Marvel Cinematic Universe sequel, but that could be just the beginning for ILM.

ILM already has what they call StageCraft set up at Manhattan Beach Studios. Referred to as “The Volume,” the set was crafted for The Mandalorian. It is surrounded by high-definition screens, including overhead. This allows for real-world imagery to be projected on the screens. Then, practical sets can be built and placed on the stage. All of it can be captured in-camera, allowing for a real-world feel. This negates the need for on-location shooting in many cases, which is crucial right now,

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