Q&A: Medieval University of Pisa embraces virtualization technology

The University of Pisa is a medieval institution that was built to last. One of the oldest and well-established universities in the world, and home to the teachings of the famous Galileo Galilei, the University of Pisa proves that innovation is key to not only staying alive, but thriving.

Fast forward 700 hundred years. Today the University of Pisa embraces technology. Now it is no longer about telescopes or thermometers, but about scientific computing, virtualization and high-performance computing. 

“The University of Pisa is a campus in the sense that [its] faculties are spread all over the town,” said Maurizio Davini (pictured, left), chief technology officer of the University of Pisa. “A medieval town like Pisa poses a lot of problems from the infrastructural point of view. So, we have worked a lot in the past to try to adapt a medieval town to the latest technologies advancements …  at a

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