American Airlines technology director fatally shot while walking his dog in Dallas, police say

Detectives believe the suspect was in a black Nissan pick-up truck that may have a Texas Rangers sticker in the rear window.

DALLAS — Updated at 3:17 p.m. Saturday with a statement from James Faith’s workplace. 

Dallas police are asking for the public’s help in their search for a suspected shooter who killed a 49-year-old man. 

Authorities said around 7:30 a.m. Friday, James Faith left his house with his wife to walk their dog in the 1000 block of Waverly Drive. While walking the dog an unknown suspect approached them and fatally shot Faith, police said. 

Faith worked with Fort-Worth based American Airlines, as a technology director. The company released the following statement Saturday: 

“American Airlines is deeply saddened by the death of James Faith, a director in our technology organization. We are taking care of James’ family and colleagues and our thoughts and prayers are with them during this

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Wizards Of The Coast Responds To Concerns Over Walking Dead Crossover

While Magic: The Gathering’s upcoming collaboration with The Walking Dead features some cool cards, it hasn’t been well received by a large number of Magic fans. In a Twitch stream, Wizards of the Coast has addressed community concerns over the Secret Lair drop, as reported by Dot Esports.

While Magic: The Gathering has done limited crossover sets before, such as the Ponies: The Galloping collaboration with My Little Pony, the sets are usually silver-bordered cards featuring only unique art. The Walking Dead set has been revealed as black-bordered cards that are legal in Eternal formats, with mechanically unique cards that’ll open up new options for play.

Fans aren’t happy that such cards have been released in a limited run set–like other Secret Lair drops, the Walking Dead cards will be printed to demand and then never released again. Other MTG players don’t like the idea of mixing Walking Dead lore

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The DeanBeat — The Walking Dead: Onslaught creator Survios raises $16.7 million for VR games

Survios has raised $16.7 million to continue building gripping virtual reality games such as the just-launched The Walking Dead: Onslaught.

This is the company’s fourth funding round and is particularly important as the VR industry approaches a new hardware cycle. Facebook is launching the Oculus Quest 2 wireless VR headset on October 13. And the Oculus Link cable will enable you to play PC-based games — like those Survios makes — on the Quest 2.

Facebook is still pumping a lot of money into the VR ecosystem, despite sales falling short of the hyped projections of 2016, when the first generation of VR systems launched. During the past few years, Oculus and HTC launched multiple rounds of hardware, far exceeding the level of innovation in the console or PC games business. But the bulk of the hardcore gaming revenues stayed on the console and PC side. For the sake of

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