‘World of Warcraft’ Fans Play Game IRL in Czech Forest [Video]

These ‘World of Warcraft’ fans meet up annually to play the game IRL — but COVID-19 made this year’s events a little different

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In world news and current events today, these people are playing real-life ‘World of Warcraft.’ Fans of the online role-playing video game met up IRL in a Czech forest to play ‘WoW’ as part of an annual festival. The 3-day event was originally planned for earlier in 2020, but was postponed due to the coronavirus. Attendees came dressed up as shamans, elves, and knights. Attendance at the event is usually around 200 people, but only about 60 people showed up this year. Because of the lower attendance this year, organizers opted against hosting a live-action battle and declared a ‘ceasefire,’ giving

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