Why the ‘cone of uncertainty’ certainly seems to love New Orleans this hurricane season | The Latest | Gambit Weekly

If 2020 had to be summed up in three words, “cone of uncertainty” might not be a bad choice. Here in New Orleans the meteorology term has become all too familiar, and it’s stressing people the hell out. 

Hurricane Delta marks the sixth storm this hurricane season to have New Orleans fall in the cone of uncertainty, in other words within the storm’s possible projected path when it hits landfall. It’s gotten to the point where residents are asking, “Really? Again?”

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Weekly Bytes Apple’s eye-tracking technology, Microsoft ending Flash Player support

Here’s our curated list of important tech news from this week in byte size.

Apple is developing new eye-tracking technology

Apple has filed a patent which indicates its developing new eye-tracking technology for Apple Glass, AppleInsider reported. The patent application is titled, “Method and Device for Eye Tracking Using Event Camera Data.” The tech giant is developing a solution, where the eye tracking system will require lower processing power to track a user’s gaze, reducing battery consumption and heat generated in the process. In another development, Apple opened its first floating store in Singapore.

Microsoft to end Adobe Flash Player support

Microsoft has announced that it’s ending support for Adobe Flash Player on Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer 11 by the end of 2020. People using these browsers will not receive security update for Adobe Flash Player after December 2020. Beginning in January 2021, Adobe Flash Player will be disabled

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