The ‘Avengers’ Grind Is Just Too Much, Even For Me

I have been giving Avengers my all ever since it was released earlier this month, but the longer the game is online, the more exhausted I’m starting to become with it.

While the campaign was shockingly good, better than anyone was expecting, and I truly enjoy combat and the character kits of all the Marvel heroes, now that I’m in the endgame, I am realizing that this game may be just too grindy in its current form, even for me, known as someone who genuinely enjoys mindless grinding in games like this. But this is too much.

Some of the grinds here are just fine. I actually enjoyed getting to level 50 on all six characters, which took a while, but not too long and you felt real results as you unlocked different pieces of everyone’s full kits.

But now, the power grind has just exhausted me to my core, and the latest thing that just got added to the game might be the final straw.

Right now, you need to crawl your character up to 130 power through activity gear drops, and once you’re there, you need to pick a set of gear to “commit” to in order to upgrade four things to 140 power, which takes an absolutely astonishing amount of materials, infinitely more than upgrading anything else before that level.

Ideally, the goal is to save your resources for exotic armor, which costs a ton to upgrade it from 130 to 140, including scores of Upgrade Modules.

I have been playing Avengers pretty much non-stop since launch. I have easily 80-100 hours into the game already. I have 600 something Upgrade Modules. That’s probably enough for me to upgrade a handful of exotics and legendaries. For one character. At this rate I will have to put 600 hours into the game at least to get all my heroes to 150 in good gear (ie. not cheaper purples or something), and that’s only one aspect.

There are also exotic artifacts, which can only be upgraded through one type of time-limited currency you can only collect once a day. And the sources that can give you six of it a day, villain sectors, have been broken since launch. There are four exotic artifacts that taken a couple hundred Polychoron to upgrade, but they are not shared across your six characters. You would have to upgrade one for each of them, or god forbid you want some options, you’d have to upgrade all four across all your characters. It’s almost unthinkable.

But I’m not done yet. The grind is also coming out in other ways too. You might say that you can just upgrade your main and play with friends or strangers rather than AI teammates. But the game just introduced a new Mega Hive activity that can only be played solo and requires you to have as many team members close to max in your roster as possible. This is an eight tier mission chain of five Hive floors each, where if you die, you have to replace your hero with a new one at the mission power level, and try to keep going. If you lose all your heroes anywhere in these 40 floors, you lose the entire mission chain and have to start over.

The “less intense” version of this, the Elite Heroic Hive, is “only” 14 floors, which again, is exhausting as you are simply repeating the same kinds of rooms over and over and over. The problem with both of these activities is not just their length (which is bad) but also the fact that technical glitches can destroy entire runs with a totally unforgiving, non-existent checkpointing system. I’ve frequently run into a glitch where you can spawn in a room with no enemies, and no way to progress, negating the entire Hive run. I’ve seen videos of players attempting a Mega Hive where they spawn in and are lasered through a closed door losing their one life and failing the mission. These problems are endless, and with no way to save progress mid-mission, can cause an understandable amount of rage-quitting.

Don’t get me wrong, I like a good grind, but Avengers has taken this to an extreme even I’m not comfortable with. And if you know me, you’ll know that’s really saying something, as normally I’m the first person to line up and grind all day for minimal gain. But I’m doing the math in my head here and maxing even these six initial characters in anything resembling reasonably good gear, to say nothing of the other heroes to come, seems borderline impossible, and I better not make a mistake committing to one piece of armor over another, lest I waste dozens of hours of gameplay at a time in lost resources.

Time to go back to the drawing board for aspects of this endgame, both systems-wise and technically. I’ll stick with it for now, but it’s becoming more daunting by the day.

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