The First Successes of This Crypto Marketplace and Plans For the Future

The blockchain at Zelwin exists for a reason, making the project really interesting and unique

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Zelwin is a global cryptocurrency marketplace of goods that has successfully combined blockchain technology with online shopping. The history of the project began in 2019, when the team of Nikolay Shkilev began to develop a unique platform. Already in 2020, Zelwin launched, helping stores to sell their products, and for customers to purchase goods profitably by paying in any convenient way.

The blockchain at Zelwin exists for a reason, making the project really interesting and unique. The payment system of the platform allows you to make purchases:

But that’s not even the most interesting thing. The global marketplace for goods, as the developers themselves call it, was one of the first to implement principles of work that make it possible to benefit not only sellers and intermediaries, but also buyers.

At the moment, Zelwin is making very active progress. 11 teams work on the project, including developers, blockchain experts, marketers, business analysts and many other specialists. The ZLW token is on the 200th place in the Coinmarketcap rating with a capitalization of over $264 million and is traded on the,,,, exchanges. Since the opening of trading, the value of the ZLW token has grown from $1 to $5 in just a few months, and investors have received 440 per cent profit.

Thanks to a well-thought-out cashback system, from each purchase on the Zelwin platform, the user receives a percentage of the transaction amount to his account. The reward is credited in ZLW tokens, which can be converted into other assets in your personal account or paid for other purchases. But for a really good income that every Zelwin member can receive, the team created an affiliate program:

  1. Invite sellers and receive a percentage of the commission from their sales. This is also very beneficial for stores, as it is a free entry into a new growing market, where commission is charged only on real sales.

  2. Invite new customers and get 20 per cent of their cashback. New users will be interested in this primarily because after registering using the referral link, they will receive double cashback from purchases.

  3. Special partner packages, which will allow you to get the status of a special partner and additional bonuses from sales of attracted stores and purchases of customers.

The project was included in the Top-20 blockchain startups of 2020 according to Hackernoon, hundreds of partnerships have been signed, including with IT giants like Stripe, Yandex, Coinbase Commerce and does not plan to stop there. The creator of Shkilev is plans to realize the following goals by the end of the year: get into the top 20 on CoinMarketCap; achieve a capitalization of $1 billion; and invite over 1,000 sellers to the platform (currently 600).

In the near future, Zelwin plans to launch a P2P betting platform Zelwin. Games for its users, as well as organize a serious advertising campaign in collaboration with popular bloggers of the crypto space.

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