US Nuclear Corp. Discusses The Future of Neural Stimulation Technology with The Stock Day Podcast

Phoenix, Arizona–(Newsfile Corp. – September 24, 2020) – The Stock Day Podcast welcomed US Nuclear Corp. (OTC Pink: UCLE) (“the Company”), a radiation and chemical detection holding company specializing in the development, manufacturing, and sales of radiation and chemical detection instrumentation. CEO of the Company, Bob Goldstein, joined Stock Day host Everett Jolly.

Jolly began the interview by asking about the Company’s partner, Grapheton, and its development of neural stimulation technology. “Grapheton is the only company in the world that makes biocompatible electrodes, and also biocompatible smart chips that can be implanted under the skin or in the scalp,” explained Goldstein. “Grapheton is also the only company that is constantly measuring the changing chemistry in the brain,” he continued. “With the brain-computer interface, the idea is that it will be doing two-way discussions with the brain to assist and augment with its many functions.”

Goldstein then shared that the Company currently owns 49.5% of Grapheton, and is eager to continue working with them on the development of their neural stimulation technology, which can be used to treat pain and depression. “It’s just so exciting,” said Goldstein.

Jolly then asked about the differences between Elon Musk’s Neuralink technology and Grapheton’s brain-computer interface. “They’re both startup companies, they’re both in the same space of neuroscience and brain communication, but Neuralink is focused on the big idea of directly linking the brain to computers and the internet,” explained Goldstein. “Grapheton is much more practical and near-term,” said Goldstein. He then shared that Grapheton’s technology can be used to combat a wide range of conditions, including many serious problems: addiction, pain, depression. Diseases: Parkinsons, Alzheimers. And organ control including: heart, kidney, pancreas and bladder malfunction.

The conversation then turned to the future of neural stimulation technology. “If we want to live long, healthy, happy lives, we’re just gonna have to learn how to talk to the brain and learn how the brain works, and how to assist and augment it when there’s a problem,” said Goldstein, before elaborating on the potential this technology represents for the medical industry.

Jolly asked about the impact Grapheton could have on the Company across the next two to three quarters. Goldstein explained that Grapheton is currently in the process of raising $2 million to fund their current projects, and may begin to produce revenue in the near future.

“Investors want to be doing something good,” said Goldstein. “They want to feel that they’re helping the world move forward and this is where it’s at. This is the last frontier in the health world,” closed Goldstein.

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About US Nuclear Corp.

US Nuclear Corp is a radiation and chemical detection holding company specializing in the development and manufacturing and sales of radiation and chemical detection instrumentation. Through three operating divisions (Technical Associates (TA), Overhoff Technology (OTC), and Electronic Control Concepts (ECC), US Nuclear Corp. harbors more than 100 years of combined experience in supplying top of the line instrumentation to any industry utilizing radionuclides. This includes nuclear power plants, national laboratories, government agencies, homeland security, military, universities and schools, research companies, hospitals, medical and dental centers, energy companies, weapons facilities, first responders, local governments, and manufacturing plants.

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