Watch Samsung Unpack It’s Latest Android Smartphone Today

Samsung is hosting its third Unpacked event of the summer/fall today, where it is expected to announce the Galaxy S20 FE. And here’s how you can watch Samsung Unpacked.

We say that because of the tagline that Samsung is using for this event, which is “Unpacked for every fan”, and seeing as the Galaxy S20 FE is said to be the “Galaxy S20 Fan Edition”, that sounds about right. Additionally, Samsung has announced everything else already, at its previous two events.

Samsung Unpacked for every fan is set to start at 7AM PT/10AM ET. It should be a pretty short live stream – from what we’ve been told. It won’t be several hours like the Galaxy Note 20’s Unpacked was, last month.

You can watch Samsung Unpacked starting at 10AM ET via the video embedded below.

It’s been a busy season for Samsung

This time of the year, Samsung always has a lot of devices to announce and get on store shelves for the upcoming holiday season. But typically, it announces them all at Unpacked – a single Unpacked – or via press releases before the big event.

This year, it’s different. Much like a lot of other things in the world. Samsung decided to divide things up into three separate Unpacked events. The first one focused on its premium devices. Like the Galaxy Note 20, Note 20 Ultra, Galaxy Tab S7, S7+, Galaxy Watch 3 and the Galaxy Buds Live. While the second event was about foldables, arguably the future. Where we got more details on the Galaxy Tab S7 series, and then the Galaxy Z Fold 2 was announced.

Now at this third Unpacked event, it seems to be all about the fans. It’s going to be a pretty exciting event for Samsung fans.

Samsung has already teased the device(s) that it is announcing at Unpacked, via a few different teasers on its YouTube channel. Touting that this device(s) is for the fans, and gives users everything that they want, and potentially at a cheaper price point. It also shows off a few different colors. Which likely hints at the many different rumored colors that the Galaxy S20 FE is supposed to come in. That is a stark difference from the Galaxy S20 series it launched back in February. Which was available in really only two colors – gray and black.

If you’re waiting on a cheaper, non-$1000 smartphone to launch, that is still a flagship, we have a feeling that this might be the event you want to pay close attention to.

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