What You Should Invest More In Computer Gaming Parts

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Most of us stuck in quarantine have been forced to develop new hobbies to keep us entertained at home as restrictions do not allow partying due to overcrowding.

As such, computer gaming has become quite a popular means of entertainment now more than ever. Researchers have it that playing computer games help develop better problem-solving skills, increases brain processing and visual activities, it increases memory, and the ability to multitask. 

You might have considered beginning computer gaming or upgrading your current gaming PC which brings you to this article. This piece will shift focus not on the importance of computer gaming, but on what you should invest more when it comes to computer gaming parts. 

Before we begin, you should note that all gaming parts are dependent on each other and you can’t get a true gaming experience if you lack some parts. However, because it’s an assembly of parts, you might choose to invest more in some parts disregarding some. 

  • Graphics card.

Even with an already built gaming system, the most important part and one which will require a lot of money is the graphics card.

It’s very important as it determines the gaming performance. The more graphics power you can get the better the gaming experience.

Graphics cards are not cheap and unless you are game savvy, it might be even difficult to tell if you’re getting something worth your money.

It is therefore recommended that before you purchase any gaming PC parts, read reviews about it and get to see from other gamers if indeed it’s performance matches the price labeled. 

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  • The CPU

Some gamers may argue that the CPU is more important than a graphic card, in my opinion, both are very important and on average any gamer should have both of the same quality. 

The CPU affects the performance of a graphic card.

If you’re going with a high-end Graphics card and a low CPU, or vice versa, your monitor is going to get bottlenecked

This essentially means that there is a restrictive element preventing the full performance of the gaming system. This is because one of the gaming parts might be low-end and another high-end. 

However, not all PCs’ bottlenecking is due to this, other reasons might cause a bottleneck, so be sure to look at how you can avoid gaming PC bottlenecks. 

If you’re choosing to invest more in the graphic cards, then you should ultimately match up the CPU. 

  • Motherboard

The motherboard determines the type of CPU and graphic cards you can get. 

A good high-end motherboard can support quality CPU and graphic cards. In case you’re planning on upgrading your current gaming system, then you should place a good investment on the motherboard and not just the CPU and graphic cards. 

The motherboard purposes to support all hardware you install for your PC.

Another important thing before you invest your money in a motherboard is to ensure that it’s compatible with all your gaming parts. 

  • RAM

After looking at the three most important and worth investing a lot in, computer memory comes in fourth. 

With each year the demand for a larger capacity increasing, the minimum I would recommend for your gaming PC is 16GB. This is enough to enable the CPU to access information easier and faster for you to enjoy a good gaming experience. 

Therefore when looking for computer parts to make a great investment in, consider the three listed above then invest in good computer memory. The higher the memory the higher the price and the better the price. 


Whether you have chosen to buy a prebuilt gaming PC or you’ve opted to build your gaming pc from scratch, some parts will need an upgrade and in that case, always choose to prioritize the listed parts.

This will give you better customization and one of a kind gaming experience. Make conscious decisions when buying all these gaming gears. 

Whichever game computer store you choose to buy from, ensure that it’s a reputable store by looking for factors such as warranty in case of failure because not all made machines come 100% functional and you can imagine the devastation of purchasing a really expensive gaming gear for it to breakdown moments later and no warranty was issued!