Xbox Could Buy Even More Game Studios In The Future, Microsoft CEO Says

With its $7.5 billion purchase of ZeniMax, Microsoft now has a whopping 23 first-party game development studios, but the company might not stop there.

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella told GameSpot sister site CNET that Microsoft will consider snapping up more game developers in the future if it makes sense.

“We’ll always look for places where there is that commonality of purpose, mission, and culture,” Nadella said. “We will always look to grow inorganically where it makes sense.”

Nadella is not committing to anything here, and it’s not unusual for giant companies to be constantly on the lookout for acquisition opportunities. With the acquisition of ZeniMax ($7.5 billion) and Mojang ($2.5 billion), as well as Double Fine, Ninja Theory, Compulsion, inXile, and Obsidian, Microsoft has spent more than $10 billion on game studios in the past six years.

In terms of a future buyout, Xbox boss Phil Spencer said in 2019 that the company is looking to acquire a Japanese studio. “I think it would be nice if we found an Asian studio, in particular a Japanese studio, to add [to our studios],” he said at the time.

Going back to the CNET story, Spencer told the site that Microsoft’s acquisition of ZeniMax is all about securing more content, which is paramount to the company’s success.

“Content is just the incredible ingredient to our platform that we continue to invest in,” Spencer said. “This doubles the size of our creative organization.”

Microsoft is bolstering its first-party games lineup in part to help increase the appeal of the Xbox Game Pass service, which is already off to a hot start with 15 million subscribers.

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