$9,800 PS5 eBay Lister Makes Bid For Scalper Of The Century

Did you miss your window to preorder a PlayStation 5? It’s probably best you wait until more stock is made available, if eBay is anything to go by. For the princely sum of £7,600 ($9,800), you can buy yourself a standard “disk edition” (sic) PS5–with an extra controller(!)–from a British seller who’s aiming to make the biggest payday in history, and become the most legendary scalper in the south-east of England.

Based on the U.K.’s standard PS5 retail price of £449 ($579), plus the additional controller cost of £60 ($77), the listing boasts an incredible 1,393% mark-up on the recommended retail price. Luckily, the automatically applied PayPal Credit option is gracious enough to allow you to pay in 24 installments of just £359 ($463) per month, equivalent to the cost of 19.6 PS5s at U.S. cost price.

While it may be the worst offender on eBay.co.uk, it’s certainly not the only bad one. At the time of publication, another 13 consoles are listed on the site with a price tag exceeding £1,000 ($1,290), ranging between a grand and £7,000 ($9,028). Conversely, just three Xbox Series X consoles jump past the same baseline, topping out at a comparatively paltry £2,000 (and said listing’s seller is gracious enough to allow for best offers).

Most of these eBay offers are emblazoned with a proud cry of “CONFIRMED” in their titles, but only the highest-priced listing has the nerve to show its proof of purchase, courtesy of a receipt that pegs the pre-order to a GAME store in Romford: a large town in East London and the stomping ground of celebrities such as R&B singer Billy Ocean, snooker player Steve Davis, and Jesy Nelson from U.K. pop band Little Mix.

As a firm disclaimer, it is not yet clear, nor in any way assumed, that the eBay user listing the $10,000 PS5 is Ocean, Davis, or Nelson. Or Jo O’Meara from former British pop band S Club 7, who also originates from Romford.

Luckily, GAME Romford has been made aware of the listing, and will undoubtedly be laying out preorder receipts on a clear glass panel, like an episode of The Blacklist, to find The Mark-Up Man; the username, plus the birth year at the end of it, will likely set the record straight.

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