APC targets console and PC gamers with its Back-UPS Pro Gaming uninterruptible power supply

Credit: APC

Whether you game on an Xbox, a Playstation, or a PC, nothing is more irritating than getting knocked out of a game by an electrical blackout. At best, you’ll get penalized for quitting a multiplayer game. At worst, you’ll see smoke rising from your gear because it got fried from a power surge when the electricity came roaring back.

APC, a division of Schneider Electric and one of the bigger names in uninterruptible power supplies, has announced a brand-new unit aimed squarely at gamers. Not familiar with the concept of a UPS? You can take a deep dive in our product guide here, but at a 5,000-foot level, it’s essentially a very big battery that will supply back-up power in the event of a blackout. The idea is to provide your equipment—including your broadband gateway and router—enough time to shut down gracefully, and give you a few minutes to save your game or inform your teammates why you must leave.

back ups pro 1500 s gaming display APC

A large monochrome LCD display will keep you informed of the UPS’s status, including the amount of time it can supply your connected gear with battery power.

A UPS can act as a high-end surge protector, too, conditioning the electricity flowing into your gear and smoothing out any spikes or sags that might damage it. APC’s Back-Up ProGaming UPS sounds particularly promising on this front, because it produces a pure sine wave when running on battery power (APC simply calls it “Sinewave technology,” and they have an animation that explains how it works here).

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