Become a one-person social media team with SocialyHub

Social media might have started as a way for people to connect with one another, but it is increasingly a place where people can also connect with the brands they love. Studies have shown that most people prefer for companies to connect with them on social media, and are more likely to engage with and buy from brands that have a robust social media presence.

While big businesses might have entire marketing teams dedicated to selling their product and service on their platform, startups and solopreneurs are all on their own. That is, unless they have SoicalyHub. This powerful social media management platform can turn anyone into a marketing pro on social media. You can get this all-in-one social media management solution on sale for just $79.99!

Using SocialyHub is like cracking open social media and getting a look at the Matrix. This powerful social media management tool offers a wide range of tools that provide new insight that you would have otherwise missed out on. Get detailed and in-depth stats that show you how people are engaging with your content and get a better idea of how to increase your views and impressions.

On top of that insight, SocialyHub also makes it easier than ever to post content that works. If you have clients or a team that you’re working with, real-time collaboration lets them hop in at any time and build posts together. You can also go hands-free and let SocialyHub find and post relevant content for you, or schedule posts out into the future so that they go up automatically, without requiring you to be at your desk.

SocialyHub’s tools work across tons of platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, WordPress, YouTube, and Instagram. It also offers nearly unlimited support for the marketing tools that you’re already familiar with. Platforms like Shopify, eBay, WooCommerce, and Amazon are all supported.

SocialyHub is the service you need to succeed on social media. While this management suite is valued at $1,000, you can save 92 percent off that price right now. That means you pay just $79.99 for this unmatched marketing tool. That’s a price you can’t beat for a tool that just might pay for itself, so grab this offer before it’s gone!

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