Community helps Bryan man get life-changing technology

a man standing next to a horse in a field: It's called eSight, and it uses a camera, a computer and HD video

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It’s called eSight, and it uses a camera, a computer and HD video

TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) – An amazing piece of technology has opened up a whole new world for a Williams County man. eSight glasses use a camera, a computer, high definition video and OLED screens to help people see. Benjamin Murray got his first pair four years ago. He received the latest version this week, and it’s all because of the generosity of a lot of people.

Benjamin was legally blind when he was born. His newest eSight glasses have opened up a whole new world for him on his family’s farm in Bryan.

“For 26 years of my life, I was living in the shadows,” says Murray.

And then along came eSight. “I am blown away by this technology, yet again. It helps me do just about anything I want to,” says Murray.

His sister Sara Hartman says the family never treated him as it he couldn’t do things when he was little. She says he’s always had an incredible drive and determination.

“He’s risen above all the challenges he’s faced in life. He is always persevering. It is so wonderful to see how this has changed everything. He used to rely on his hearing. Now he is able to see people’s faces, their facial expressions. The trees, the sun, the flag, the animals here. The whole world around him,” says Hartman.

Benjamin got his first eSight set in 2016.

“I went from 2,400 in one eye and 2,800 in the other to complete restored vision,” says Murray.

But the technology has improved drastically since that first pair, so Benjamin was excited about getting the latest version which just arrived this week. There are no more wires or a bulky case to carry around.

“The clarity is so much better, but the biggest thing for me is the mobility. I am also able to wear it under my glasses, no more custom frames,” said Murray.

Benjamin’s family runs a day program for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities on their farm called PeopleWorks of Northwest Ohio. He works there, and his sister Sara says the latest technology has changed his life in so many ways.

“It has given him more stability, and confidence. I have also seen a huge change in him emotionally. He’s a lot happier, and that is wonderful to see. He has joy throughout more of his day, not just in fits and spurts,” said Hartman.

The community has made all of this possible. The eyeware costs thousands of dollars. Dozens of people have donated on several occasions to cover the cost.

“It is beautiful here and to be able to see all that beauty is phenomenal. The support of my family and friends is amazing, my community,” says Murray. This story is a perfect example of what community truly is.

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