Company Reaffirms Ryzen 5000 Support On 400-Series Chipsets

Motherboard manufacturer Asus has confirmed it’s 400-series chipset motherboards will still support AMD’s new Ryzen 5000-series Zen 3 CPUs.

The company was forced to issue a statement today following a supposed slip up by one of its customer service representatives. In a post on Reddit, one user claims to have been told by Asus that the company would not be releasing new BIOS versions for its older 400-series chipset motherboards to allow them to work with Zen 3 CPUs such as the Ryzen 9 5950X. As a result, owners of said boards would not be able to upgrade their CPUs.

Instead, the representative suggested purchasing a newer motherboard to replace the user’s premium X470 model. AMD has been quite clear that X470 motherboards would support Ryzen 5000 CPUs and recently confirmed that motherboard manufacturers were working on BIOS versions accordingly, with 400-series boards receiving these via downloads in early 2021.

Asus exact statement I received today goes as follows:

“…ASUS will follow AMD’s support plan to release a new BIOS on X470, B450 and B450 II motherboards and all those available in the market at present will also be compatible with that BIOS upgrade. Beta BIOS support, following AMD guidelines and timelines means this will be ready to roll out around Jan 2021.

[we will confirm] closer to the time if certain units need to be upgraded with a previous CPU but all new ASUS B450 II motherboards will come with USB Bios Flashback so you’ll be able to get a new CPU and upgrade the BIOS straight away without posting with a previous generation CPU.”

With AMD’s Ryzen 5000 CPUs offering huge performance boosts according the company, this will likely come as welcome news to anyone that saw the Reddit post and assumed they were out of luck as far as upgrades go. As well as supporting BIOS versions, the CPU socket and memory type will also remain the same meaning you can also transplant your existing cooler and memory from older boards too.

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