Delete these 33 apps! ‘Joker’ malware can steal money from your smartphone

a person using a cell phone: Delete these 33 apps! 'Joker' malware can steal money from your smartphone

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Delete these 33 apps! ‘Joker’ malware can steal money from your smartphone

Google has removed a few apps between July and September from Play Store since these were infected by Joker malware. These apps are found to be involved in spreading spyware, malware, or other harmful software. This malware is difficult to detect since it uses a technique called ‘Dropper’ to bypass Google’s security scan and sneak into the user’s device. California-based cybersecurity firm Zscaler discovered these infected apps.

The malware steals the money from users’ accounts by subscribing them to the unwanted premium paid subscriptions without their consent. Such a user may not be aware that he has been signed up for a paid subscription service and the money has been deducted from his account.

“Many of these samples appear to be designed specifically to attempt to slip into the Play Store undetected and are not seen elsewhere,” Google wrote in a blog earlier this year.

Here is the complete list of the apps that Google booted:1. All Good PDF Scanner

2. Mint Leaf Message-Your Private Message

3. Unique Keyboard Fancy Fonts & Free Emoticons

4. Tangram App Lock

5. Direct Messenger

6. Private SMS

7. One Sentence Translator Multifunctional Translator

8. Style Photo Collage

9. Meticulous Scanner

10. Desire Translate

11. Talent Photo Editor Blur focus

12. Care Message

13. Part Message

14. Paper Doc Scanner

15. Blue Scanner

16. Hummingbird PDF Converter Photo to PDF

17. All Good PDF Scanner


19. com.relax.relaxation.androidsms

20. com.file.recovefiles


22. Push Message- Texting & SMS

23. Fingertip GameBox


25. com.cheery.message.sendsms (two different instances)

26. com.LPlocker.lockapps

27. Safety AppLock

28. Emoji Wallpaper

29. com.hmvoice.friendsms

30. com.peason.lovinglovemessage

31. com.remindme.alram

32. Convenient Scanner 2

33. Separate Doc Scanner

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