Epic Will Literally Give You $10 To Download ‘Rocket League’

This is the sort of thing that usually feels like clickbait, in one way or another, but we come to expect different sorts of things when dealing with the Epic Games Store and the massive pile of Fortnite money fueling it. For more than a year now, Epic has been giving away free games as a way to bolster its new PC storefront, but now it has apparently decided that free isn’t free enough. Rocket League just went free-to-play, and Epic will give you a $10 coupon to the store just for downloading Rocket League. For the time being, Rocket League costs $-10 on the Epic Games Store.

There are stipulations, but really they’re not much. You have to download the game before October 23, and you have to spend the money before November 1. You cannot spend the $10 on in-game currency or pre-orders.

Epic Games bought Rocket League developer Psyonix back in May: the developer was among the first to make a major push for cross-play, which Epic championed with Fortnite, and so it seems like there’s some considerable cultural overlap.

Giveaways have been a core part of Epic’s PC strategy since it first launched the store. In some ways, it feels like the only option: chief competitor Steam has been the market leader for more than a decade, and most PC gamers will always gravitate there for the simple reason that that is where their games are: I have to use the search bar there to find games in my own library. That’s the crux of what Epic wants to do with its PC store: give you a ton of games so that you’ll spend more time in their launcher, because that’s where your games are. My Epic Games library is nowhere near as big as my Steam library, but it’s growing quickly.

It all hinges on deals like this, that you basically can’t refuse if you own a gaming PC. All you have to do is go download—or just open—the Epic Games Launcher and click two buttons to get $10 and a free-to-play game. There’s no reason not to.

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