Estee Lauder Is Paying NASA $128,000 To Send A Serum To Space

Estee Lauder—the multinational beauty manufacturer behind some of this planet’s best-loved skincare and makeup products—is sending a serum to space.

In a world, nay, galaxy-first, ten bottles of Estee Lauder’s ‘Advanced Night Repair’ serum will be shuttled out of this world for a four-and-and-half hour photoshoot shot by NASA astronauts.

While NASA’s astronauts won’t appear in the images, the International Space Station and cosmos will, and Estee Lauder are paying roughly $128,000 for the privilege.

The companies have said a spacecraft delivering commercial supplies—including radish seeds, a toilet, and the serums—will launch from Virginia “no earlier than October 1”.

After reaching the ISS (typically a four-day mission), NASA astronauts will photograph and film the serum in the ISS’ Cupola observatory, taking advantage of its heavily-windowed panoramic views of space.

The serums will return to Earth in spring 2021, at which time Estee Lauder will auction one of the bottles for charity.

The photoshoot forms part of NASA’s efforts to promote business opportunities on the ISS, which the organization is calling a “low-Earth orbit economy”.

NASA will dedicate around 5% of crew time to commercial activities, it said, totalling around 90 hours of astronaut work time per year.

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