Ford Debuts Sculpture In China That Teases Future Design Language

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Ford At 2020 Auto China

Are those fins on the sides?

At 2020 Auto China, Ford has a sculpture that previews its future design language. The company calls the look “Progressive Energy In Strength.” 

The sculpture depicts a vehicle in profile that tapers to a point at the back. The front end is muscular and wouldn’t appear too out of place on a new interpretation of the Mustang. The long hood flows back to a sleek, cockpit-like passenger compartment. Its teardrop shape creates the flowing line that creates the roof and leads to the rear.

A fascinating aspect is the fin-like shape along the rear flank. It somewhat evokes the styling of cars from the 1950s and early ’60s where big fins are a major styling element. Maybe Ford is looking to revive a little of this aesthetic.

The Ford China Design Center will open in October. It’ll feature Chinese designs that will have a goal of bringing the “Progressive Energy in Strength” look into production.

Ford is also using 2020 Auto China to debut the Mustang Mach-E for that market. “Every Mustang reflects the evolution of Ford’s innovative spirit and Mustang Mach-E will be a dark horse in China’s high-end all-electric vehicle market,” said Anning Chen, the president and CEO of Ford Greater China.

Ford uses this show to highlight its Sync+ infotainment software that’s specifically for the Chinese market. It supports over-the-air updates and vehicle-to-infrastructure communication.

Electrification From Ford:

In addition, the company is showing off the future by previewing its connectivity and cellular vehicle-to-everything technology. The innovation is currently in road testing with a goal of reducing road congestion and traffic efficiency. The first production vehicles with this feature should be on sale in China in 2021.

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