Huge ‘queen of the ocean’ great white shark tagged offshore of Nova Scotia

Huge 'queen of the ocean' great white shark tagged offshore of Nova Scotia
Huge ‘queen of the ocean’ great white shark tagged offshore of Nova Scotia

OCEARCH is a non-profit organization that focuses on the research of the “ocean’s giants”. The team has just discovered an approximately 50-year-old great white shark off the coast of Nova Scotia.

Using the hashtag #FactsOverFear, the company shares important data discovered by their research. Nukumi’s story is an example of how their work goes beyond the data.

On Saturday, OCEARCH shared that “We named her ‘Nukumi’, pronounced noo-goo-mee, for the legendary wise old grandmother figure of the Native American Mi’kmaq people.”

Nukumi is 1,606 kilograms and almost 5.25 metres long. OCEARCH shared a video of the extrodinary tagging process:

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The team tracks the sharks to learn about their migration patterns and uncover overall new shark-related information.

Chris Fischer, founding chairman and expedition leader, shared that he was “awestruck” when he was next to Nukumi.

Fischer also shared that it’s interesting for a such a large great white to be in the area, “When you look at this particular area where we are right now, the great white are the guardians of all of your fish stocks, they’re preventing the seals from over-foraging and crashing the whole system.”

“We know when the white sharks are present, and where there are seals are as well, that the seals during that period of time will eat one-fourth as much each day than they would if the white shark was not present,” Fischer added.

Sharks do not always have the friendliest reputation, but OCEARCH is one team that puts forth the facts about these incredible and important creatures.

Finding and tagging Nukumi is a huge win, as “She actually is likely a proper grandmother.”

Nukumi has 50 years of information to share, and some of those are visible on her body. Fischer explains that “They make you feel small and when you look at their body, they have all these blotches and scars and marks and wounds that have healed over, some many years ago, some recently.”

The expedition that led to Nukumi’s tagging was apparently extremely rough. The overactive hurricane and tropical storm season created “a brutal trip.”

Fischer expressed that he is really proud of his team for their effort and this victorious ending. He led a successful expedition and made it easy to cover, extrapolating a human connection. “And you really look at the animal and you really see the story of their life unfolding.”

So beautifully put. Never a bad time for this Alessia Cara quote? “And you don’t have to change a thing, the world could change its heart No scars to your beautiful, we’re stars and we’re beautiful.”

Fischer effectively summarizes his expedition and this article, “I think it’s kind of a reflection of how 2020 has been for people. It’s been a tough year, but if we all stick together and endure and grind it out, we will come out the other side and good things will happen.”

Thumbnail credit: Chris Ross/Ocearch

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