New technology allows cancer patients to watch movies during radiation

AURORA, Colo. (KDVR) — No matter the age, radiation treatment can be tough on any cancer patient. Which is why UCHealth helped develop a special piece of technology to help reduce anxiety and stress associated with it.

The technology is called ‘RadFlix’ and it allows patients to safely watch their favorite TV shows and movies all while undergoing radiation.

“This can be a very traumatic experience for these kids,” said Dr. Douglas Holt, the Chief Resident radiation oncologist with the University of Colorado Cancer Center.

Holt helped develop the device. It’s a radiation compatible, video distraction system that can be used with any type of radiation treatment.

“That’s important because it’s very technically challenging to do that in radiation,” Holt said.

Not only is it convenient for a patient to watch TV or a movie on ‘RadFlix’ while undergoing radiation therapy, but it also helps them cut down on the need for anesthesia – since ‘RadFlix’ helps cut down on a child’s anxiety.

“We’ve treated over 100 children now with this technology and we’ve gotten really great feedback,” said Dr. Sarah Milgrom, a radiation oncologist with the University of Colorado Cancer Center.

For young patients like Mia Stabile and her parents, ‘RadFlix’ has been a game-changer.

“She was excited! She would say, ‘is it time to go to radiation?! because i want to watch my show!’” said Fanya Stabile, Mia’s mother.

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