Nvidia’s New Video-Conferencing Boasts Mind-Blowing Features: Zoom Doesn’t Come Close

If you’re tired of video meetings, squinting at low-quality video with nobody making virtual eye contact, maybe you should be turning to Nvidia and its new AI software, called Maxine.

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Announced in a press release, Nvidia said that the “GPU-Accelerated AI Platform, Nvidia Maxine, enables video-conference providers to vastly improve streaming quality and offer AI-powered features.”

Maxine is a cloud-native platform, which means that the heavy lifting is done on Nvidia’s servers.

Video compression saves bandwidth

Video-compression technology based, as so much of the company’s product claims to be, on AI, means that the video bandwidth consumption is massively reduced. This makes for much smoother video, even with internet speeds that leave much to be desired.

Gaze correction and face alignment

That is just the beginning, with lots of extra features promised, such as something Nvidia calls Gaze Correction. This uses software to adjust what people see onscreen so that the person you’re talking to actually seems to be looking directly at you, not off to the side or lower down, as is routinely the case nowadays.

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Although there’s something slightly creepy about this technology, the result is certainly desirable, because eye contact is such a useful thing.

In a similar vein is face alignment which means that the clever software adjusts the onscreen image so people appear to be actually facing each other, which is a bonus.

Autoframing keeps you centered, translation keeps you understood

Then there’s auto frame, so if you wander around the room during your video call, the camera will follow you, keeping you in frame. And captions can ensure your every word is understood – even if you’re speaking in a different language as translation is part of the platform.

Coolest of all – avatars

Supposing you just don’t feel very special today, but you know you have to be on the call. Well, send your animated avatar. These cartoony characters look 3D and boast facial movements driven not just by syncing to your dialogue but even, get this, your emotional tone.

Look out, though, your avatar may prove more popular than you do – do you really want to risk that?

The Nvidia Maxine platform will be available to AI developers, software partners, computer manufacturers and startups.

So, this sophisticated and advanced video-conferencing could be coming your way soon, from a bunch of different directions.

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