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Say what you will about mobile gaming on Android and iOS platforms, but when you look closely, it has all the qualities to succeed — rather, dominate. After all, the idea of “gaming on the go” simply fits today’s fast-paced world. 

The rise of mobile gaming

There’s just no beating being able to play anywhere and anytime you like. And while not everyone has a PS4, Xbox or a high-rig gaming PC that costs thousands of dollars, almost everyone has a smartphone these days, making it easy to pick a game from Google Play or the App Store and start playing right away. 

Mobile gaming is also much more accessible. Console gaming involves a greater outlay of capital, while mobile games need less commitment and easily fits in with the busy lives of many.

Statistics by NewZoo shows that mobile gaming now accounts for more than 50% of all the revenue coming from gaming, it’s hard to argue that the once “mindless pastime” is now a facet of life.

mobile games 2 Videogames tasted their first shot at success when the arcade game Space Invaders was first released. Photo: Photo by Pixabay (CC0)

Market homogeneity and story-driven experiences

As the market kept growing, developers noticed that an increasing amount of games are built around perpetual retention loops. And while there’s nothing wrong with this, it did create homogeneity in the marketplace. This led to more complex, story-driven and even “console-like” games to get delivered on mobile.

Gone are the days when mobile gaming is restricted to simple, easy-to-learn gameplay loops that just keep repeating (think Angry Birds or Subway Surfers). Nowadays, you can find a mobile game that is just as immersive as a AAA title on the console, but for a significantly less amount of money.

With new features come new challenges, and the mobile gaming market has started to suffer from the same problems as streaming platforms like Netflix have: there are too many choices.

mobile games 3 Today, mobile gaming accounts for about 50 percent of the global gaming revenue. Photo: Photo by Pixabay (CC0)

Gaming’s Greatest Hits

Modern problems require modern solutions, and thankfully, a new service lets you get mobile gaming’s greatest hits and premium games for a small monthly fee of $4.99. Enter GameClub.

GameClub aims to provide its users with access to the most premium of games the mobile market has to offer for a small subscription fee every month (with a free trial included).

But it’s so much more than that. As the first cross-platform service for subscription-based mobile gaming, GameClub has two major benefits.

game club 1 A quick look at some of GameClub’s newest and well-loved titles. Photo:

First, the small monthly fee lets you share the service with up to 12 people. So if you prefer team-based games, this should make the service a very good bargain. The second benefit is its cross-platform feature, which means you never have to worry about playing on an Android or iOS phone.

And for anyone willing to make the small monthly purchase, there’s no better time to jump on the service than now, as the company has recently announced that it’s entering “Phase II,” bringing new hit titles from other platforms to mobile. 

gameclub 2 GameClub offers games from various genres, from simple timewasters to more immersive experiences. Photo:

The titles are nothing to laugh about either, as GameClub offers games for every mood — from simple loop-based experiences, to space shooters, dungeon crawlers, puzzles, cartoony platformers, shooters, RPGs, bullet-hell barrages, and everything in between. In fact, the company even hinted that it’s working on bringing older IPs from the 64bit era into the platform in order to provide more value even for older gamers. Best of all, the games aren’t focused on making money, so there are no annoying ads, and each title is meant to just be wholesome and fun.

Overall, GameClub is one hell of a bargain for the value that you get, and is perfect for anyone who wants to play premium games without buying an actual console, or simply wants the convenience of being able to play anywhere.

gameclub 3 Some of GameClub’s best features. Photo:

At the moment, the service has over 125 different games, some of which are new and exclusive to the platform. It is also dedicated to making more partnerships and adding more games as it continues onwards.

Ready to join the club and take mobile gaming to the next level? If so, click on this link and take advantage of GameClub’s 1 month free trial. Subscribing is easy, and you can stop anytime you want.

GameClub offering such a high selection of premium games for such a low price is one of the best deals you can get this side of the mobile gaming market, and it looks like it’s rearing up for even bigger things in the future.

Regardless of whether you join in or not, we wish you nothing but the best gaming experience.

gameclub 4 No commitment. Subscribe and cancel anytime. Photo:

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