Razer Tomahawk ATX gaming desktop PC chassis announced at RazerCon 2020

During RazerCon 2020, Razer introduced a new set of desktop gaming PC cases in the form of the Tomahawk ATX and Mini-ITX.

If you’ve been looking for a sleek new case to do your next PC build, RazerCon 2020 had a little something for you today. The Razer Tomahawk desktop PC cases have been around for a bit already, but today’s presentation revealed a new set of Tomahawk cases with all-new RGB accents and organized internals to make your PC builds sleek and stylish: The Tomahawk ATX and Mini-ITX.

The Razer Tomahawk ATX and Mini-ITX gaming chassis were announced during the RazerCon 2020 keynote on October 10, 2020. Building off of the original Tomahawk design, the Tomahawk ATX is a new RGB-accented gaming chassis featuring a full-scale high-end PC build space to easily pack in all of the tech you need. Both sides of the ATX frame feature tempered glass panels on a side mounted and removeable hinge on the back of the case. Inside, it features an airflow-focused design, allowing for up to a 360mm radiator and up to two 140mm fans. Finally, it features built-in cable management system to keep clutter minimal and RGB lighting along the base that can be customized with the Razer Synapse software.

Whether you’re looking for full-size or form factor out of your next desktop PC build, the Razer Tomahawk ATX and Mini-ITX (pictured) will offer a stylish and sleek case for it.

The Razer Tomahawk ATX is built for standard-sized PC projects, but there’s a smaller form factor as well in the form of the Razer Tomahawk Mini-ITX gaming chassis. The Mini-ITX is about half the size of the ATX, but features almost all of the above goods mentioned for the ATX, such the cable management system, hinged tempered glass panels, and customizable RGB lighting along the base. The Tomahawk Mini-ITX gaming chassis is available as of October 10, 2020, retailing at $179.99 USD. The full-sized Tomahawk ATX chassis will be coming a little later this fall at a retail of $199.99 USD.

To be notified of the latest details on the new Razer Tomahawk ATX and Mini-ITX, be sure to check in at Razer’s Tomahawk webpage. Meanwhile, be sure to check out all of the other RazerCon 2020 announcements as well.

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