Science minister: Gila Gamliel must quit

Science and Technology Minister Izhar Shay became the first minister in the cabinet to call upon Environmental Protection Minister Gila Gamliel to resign on Tuesday.Gamliel found herself in hot water after violating coronavirus lockdown restrictions by traveling some 150 kilometers from her Tel Aviv home to Tiberias for Yom Kippur, before testing positive for the virus. She prayed at a synagogue in the city run by her father-in-law, where some 20 people were diagnosed with the virus in recent days. The minister reportedly earlier attempted to hide the violation from the Health Ministry during her epidemiological investigation, avoiding the ministry for hours and then saying that she caught the virus from her driver. Gamliel has acknowledged wrongdoing and said she would pay an NIS 5000 fine, but she is not expected to resign or get fired by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. “If things are as they are, they are very problematic,” Shay told Kan Radio. “I expect the minister to take responsibility for herself and quit and not wait for someone to tell her what to do.”Shay praised Yesh Atid MK Mickey Levy for taking responsibility and leaving the Knesset coronavirus committee over his own violations. Levy admitted violating Health Ministry directives by visiting the home of his son, staying there for more than an hour and eating there. He lives a seven-minute drive from his son in Mevaseret Zion, farther than the kilometer permitted by law.   But Levy told Army Radio on Tuesday that what Gamliel did is much worse than what he did and should not be compared.

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