Study Suggests COVID-19 Can Survive For 28 Days On A Smartphone

In some concerning news, a new study has found that COVID-19 can survive for up to 28 days on a smartphone screen. This news comes from a study in Virology Journal which has reinforced the need for regular cleaning of devices and handwashing in the fight against the disease.

Some smartphone manufactures were alert to the threat of coronavirus surviving on screens before this study released. Samsung recently patented something called ‘Antimicrobial Coating’. The thought is that the company will produce smartphone cases designed to fight the virus.

Additionally, successful tests have been conducted of UV Light-based robots designed to kill coronavirus. These have sold to a number of healthcare settings to try and help combat the disease more effectively.

The new research, however, is still quite worrying. As reported by ZDNet it underlies the importance of maintaining good hygiene habits surrounding surface and device cleaning as the virus continues to spread.

New study makes worrying reading for coronavirus survival

The fact that COVID-19 can survive for up to 28 days on a smartphone screen is quite worrying for most. Given many have probably slipped into bad habits surrounding device and surface cleaning this should serve as a reminder.

The specifics of the study demonstrated that the virus can last for up to a month on the glass when kept at an ambient temperature and humidity. This also applies to stainless steel, and both paper and polymer banknotes.

The paper stated, “touchscreen devices may provide a potential source of transmission, and should regularly be disinfected especially in multi-user environments”.

Previous studies had indicated that the virus could last for just a few days on these sorts of surfaces. This was still worrying given how many people may touch these surfaces in that time. However, this new study suggests an even more worrying trend.

The study found that temperature and humidity did have an impact on the amount of time the disease survived for. However, this can provide little comfort given that most smartphones will exist in the ambient temperature described by the study.

As a result, this study should serve as another timely reminder to continue to disinfect and wash surfaces as well as hands. Many of us have probably slipped into bad habits once again now that much of live has returned to something resemble normal.

However, the study points out that this is not the time to do that. It notes we need to keep up good habits to fight this virus.

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