Inside the strange new world of being a deepfake actor

While deepfakes have now been around for a number of years, deepfake casting and acting are relatively new. Early deepfake technologies weren’t very good, used primarily in dark corners of the internet to swap celebrities into porn videos without their consent. But as deepfakes have grown increasingly realistic, more and more artists and filmmakers have begun using them in broadcast-quality productions and TV ads. This means hiring real actors for one aspect of the performance or another. Some jobs require an actor to provide “base” footage; others need a voice.

For actors, it opens up exciting creative and professional possibilities. But it also raises a host of ethical questions. “This is so new that there’s no real process or anything like that,” Burgund says. “I mean, we were just sort of making things up and flailing about.”

“Want to become Nixon?”

The first thing Panetta and Burgund did was ask

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Actor Rick Moranis victim of unprovoked attack caught on camera in NYC

The NYPD confirms actor Rick Moranis was randomly attacked by a stranger Thursday on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, CBS New York reports. Police said it happened in broad daylight just before 7:30 a.m. on Central Park West near 70th Street.

Surveillance cameras captured the attack on the 67-year-old “Honey I Shrunk the Kids” and “Ghostbusters” actor.

Video shows the suspect walk up and punch Moranis in the head, knocking him to the ground.

Police said he went to the hospital with pain in his head, back and hip. He later visited the precinct to report the crime.

Now, the search is

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Epic Games says latest Apple filing contains ‘half-truths and outright falsities’ to paint company as ‘bad actor’

The mudslinging between Epic Games and Apple continues, with the game developer arguing that the latest legal filing by the tech giant contains “a number of half-truths and outright falsities intended to paint Epic as a bad actor.”


In a 184-page reply filed on Friday evening to Apple’s 37-page opposition brief, Epic said the only goal of its preliminary injunction is to “offer consumers an alternative payment processing service that allows consumer choice and lower prices while this litigation proceeds without retaliation” and claims that Apple’s latest filing seeks to avoid the real issues at the core of the App Store dispute.

“Apple’s papers try to make this dispute about Apple’s innovative products, rather than Apple’s practices,” Epic wrote in its reply. “Many monopolists start with extraordinary products,

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