Future Huawei phones could sport rear cameras arranged in a cross

Huawei logo
  • Huawei could be considering a new design for its phones’ rear camera array.
  • The design, spotted in patent filings, is reminiscent of D-pads on game controllers.
  • The device also features an under-screen selfie camera and a headphone jack.

We’ve grown used to Huawei‘s recent camera array designs which usually take the form of strips, slabs, or circles. Now, it seems the company could be experimenting with a new shape.

Spotted by LetsGoDigital, the phone design displayed in a patent filing features a rear camera array arranged in a cross. It could easily be mistaken for a game controller’s D-pad, but no, these are definitely cameras and sadly won’t be the genesis of a new Huawei gaming phone.

The camera array features four cameras at each end with a flash in the middle. The bottom lens seems to be a zoom lens, as its reminiscent of periscope camera setups we’ve

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