MicroVision LiDAR Is Worth $2 Billion According To Valuation Of Velodyne And Luminar LiDAR By Ford, Baidu, Hyundai, Volvo (NASDAQ:MVIS)

For outsiders it is usually very difficult or even impossible to determine the value of a company. Especially when it is not based on sales or profits, as in the case of MicroVision (NASDAQ:MVIS), but on intellectual property (patents) and existing technology that will be used in future products. In the case of MicroVision, however, it is essential for shareholders to know the valuation, as the company or parts of it are currently up for sale. In other words, it is important to know the amount a buyer is likely to pay before the sale. The only thing that helps here is to compare the company’s products with those of its competitors. Once this has been done, the company’s valuation can then be derived from the valuations of comparable competing companies. This is what this article tries to do for MicroVision, initially only for the Automotive LiDAR division, i.e.

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Baidu Unveils Upgraded Products Based on AI Technologies

Baidu, Inc. BIDU recently unveiled new products and services based on artificial intelligence (AI) technologies at the annual Baidu World Conference in Beijing.

In regard to this, the company revealed a few upgrades in the self-driving space. It stated that its autonomous vehicles have conducted 6 million kilometers of open road tests and carried 100,000 passengers across 27 cities without any accidents.

In addition, it showcased an autonomous robotaxi, which could carry passengers without a backup driver. The robotaxi supports new autonomous valet parking and 5G remote driving features, allowing human drivers to remotely control vehicles in case of emergencies.

All these technologies are built on Baidu’s open-source software platform, Apollo. As of now, Apollo has already attracted more than 100 global partners including OEMs, Tier 1 suppliers, developer platforms and technology startups.

In addition, Baidu introduced the latest version of conversational AI system – DuerOS 6.0. The company unveiled

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