Benjamin Frankin Institute of Technology and Wentworth are talking merger — in secret

Aisha Francis was recently named CEO, making her one of the few African-American women running a college in this region.

In recent years, the school has dreamed big dreams: Its campus is under agreement to be sold for many millions of dollars (the price has never been disclosed) to a big-time developer, Related Beal. BFIT, as it is now branded, has announced plans to move to a building on Harrison Avenue in Nubian Square, the better to be close to the students it currently serves.

That’s where the public part of the story ends and the mystery begins.

According to multiple sources, Benjamin Franklin is engaged in secret talks to merge with Wentworth Institute of Technology. The negotiations are so hush-hush that board members are bound by nondisclosure agreements while the deal is being hammered out. What that would do to the pending sale and move to Roxbury is

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