16 Steps Every Tech Professional Can Take To ‘Recession-Proof’ Their Career

While the tech industry tends to be more resilient in the face of recession than others, no industry is wholly immune from economic downturns. Even with technology becoming an increasing necessity in the wake of Covid-19, tech companies have still experienced layoffs, adjustments and other shocks to the system.

That’s why it’s vital for tech professionals to “recession-proof” their skills and their careers as far as possible. Below, the members of Forbes Technology Council share 16 things those working in the tech industry can do to protect themselves from the impacts of an economic downturn.

1. Master cloud-based skills.

Companies are rapidly shifting to a “cloud-first” strategy, and they are looking for employees who have cloud expertise. Update your skills to ensure you have cloud certifications and experience with

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PlayStation Inventor Starts New Career Making Robots for No Pay

(Bloomberg) — Ken Kutaragi, the legendary inventor of the PlayStation gaming console, is taking on one of the hardest jobs in robotics. And he’s getting paid nothing to do it.

The founder of Sony Corp.’s gaming business is the new chief executive officer of Ascent Robotics Inc., a Tokyo-based artificial intelligence startup. Kutaragi, 70, wants to make affordable robots that can safely move around and do physical work alongside humans in factories and logistics centers, and aims to have a working prototype in about a year. He said he receives no salary to save precious capital.

Ken Kutaragi standing in a room: PlayStation Inventor Ken Kutaragi Starts New Career Making Robots

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PlayStation Inventor Ken Kutaragi Starts New Career Making Robots

Ken Kutaragi in Tokyo on Oct. 8.


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Photographer: Kentaro Takahashi/Bloomberg

“The Covid-19 outbreak has turned the old argument about robots taking our jobs on its head,” Kutaragi said in his first interview since taking the helm in August. “It’s pretty clear

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Making Your Own Luck In Your Career

Napoleon famously remarked that he would rather his generals be lucky than good, and it’s something that a recent study from the University of Catania explored, with the researchers attempting to understand the role luck played in our success. They did this by modeling human talent, and specifically how that talent is used by us through our lives. This allowed them to understand the role chance played in our outcomes.

They ran a number of simulations to explore the distribution of wealth and talent and found that it generally wasn’t the most talented that came to be wealthiest, but rather those who were regarded as the luckiest. The model worked by assigning people a given level of talent, which consisted of things such as intelligence and skill. This talent would be randomly assigned throughout the population according to a broad bell curve distribution.

The model then tracked each person

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After one of tech’s biggest conferences for women postponed its career fair, attendees organized their own with recruiters from companies like Apple and Google

a sign on a stage in front of a crowd: The Grace Hopper Celebration is the world's largest conference for women in computing. Anitab.org

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The Grace Hopper Celebration is the world’s largest conference for women in computing. Anitab.org

  • Grace Hopper Celebration (GHC), one of the largest conferences for women in tech, recently postponed its annual career fair due to technical difficulties.
  • Many students rely on the career fair as a way to land jobs and internships at some of the biggest tech companies like Apple and Google. 
  • In response, some attendees have come together to arrange an alternative option for candidates and recruiters to connect. 
  • Companies like Dropbox, are also hosting their own live interactive networking events and 1:1 chats to meet conference attendees and recruit diverse candidates. 
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The Grace Hopper Celebration (GHC) is one of the largest conferences for women in tech.


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The event boasts more than 30,000 participants and over 300 partners from major tech companies like Apple, Google, Facebook, and

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New JFF Report Highlights Companies Pioneering Technology for Career Navigation

BOSTON, Sept. 29, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — JFF, a national nonprofit driving transformation in the American workforce and education systems, today released the fourth report in its series of market scans—this one focused on emerging career navigation technologies designed to help working adults successfully identify, select, and prepare for new career opportunities. The pioneering study, Career Navigation Technology 2020, highlights companies deploying new technologies to help frontline workers navigate the complex world of career search and planning and address the recruitment, hiring, and talent development needs of employers.

“Against the backdrop of unprecedented labor market volatility, the experience of searching for a new career is too often chaotic, confusing, and difficult to navigate. This is particularly true for low-income workers who could expand their career opportunities through access to information and social networks that create a leg up in this economy,” said Maria Flynn, president and CEO of JFF.

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Three UB researchers receive National Science Foundation CAREER awards

From the science of taste to transistor technology to understanding plate tectonics and volcanoes, the funded projects will address issues of societal importance

Release Date: September 28, 2020

BUFFALO, N.Y. — Three University at Buffalo researchers have received the National Science Foundation’s CAREER award, one of the nation’s most prestigious honors for early-career scientists and engineers.

CAREER grants provide investigators with funding to conduct research and to develop educational programming in STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) for K-12 students, university students and members of the public.

UB’s 2020 recipients are Margarete Jadamec, PhD, in UB’s Department of Geology and the Institute for Computational and Data Sciences; Huamin Li, PhD, in UB’s Department of Electrical Engineering; and Ann-Marie Torregrossa, PhD, in UB’s Department of Psychology.

Their projects will focus, respectively, on plate tectonics in the Pacific Rim of Fire; 2D materials for novel transistors; and the science of taste and

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Dice celebrating 30 years as a tech career site

To celebrate the milestone, the company is launching new features and a career guide.


Image: iStockphoto/Aquir

Tech career site Dice is celebrating its 30th anniversary with the release of a new career guide and some new additions. The Guide to a Successful Technology Career features comprehensive career advice to help aspiring and early stage technologists build a successful career and leverages Dice’s three decades of experience and leadership in the technology sector, the company said.

The guide includes salary information, tech job listings by city, emerging hubs, and digital job capacity from 2020 to 2025.

Dice has also launched a series of features to help technologists further their careers and employers hire the quality professionals they need.

“When Dice started in 1990, the total population of those in computer systems design in the United States stood around 413,000,” said Art Zeile, CEO of DHI Group, Inc., parent company of Dice,

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Paradox: Covid crisis elevates technology professionals’ stature, but limits career growth

No in-person conferences. No get-to-know-you-dinners. No hallway encounters in conference centers and hotels. While the Covid-19 crisis has put the kibosh on many things, active career development may be one of those things. 


Photo: Joe McKendrick

A majority of the 1,625 professionals — many from the technology sector — responding to a survey by Blind, an anonymous professional network, finds 53% claim their careers have been negatively impacted by the crisis. Putting things in perspective, of course, one shouldn’t complain if they kept their job — and their health — through these last six brutal months. And yes, sustaining and maintaining operations and decent user/customer experience through all this was quite a learning experience that will definitely shine on many resumes. 

The recent crisis has been a mixed bag for IT professionals. The role of IT has been elevated to the highest echelons in the organizations, which recognized they simply

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