Why the ‘cone of uncertainty’ certainly seems to love New Orleans this hurricane season | The Latest | Gambit Weekly

If 2020 had to be summed up in three words, “cone of uncertainty” might not be a bad choice. Here in New Orleans the meteorology term has become all too familiar, and it’s stressing people the hell out. 

Hurricane Delta marks the sixth storm this hurricane season to have New Orleans fall in the cone of uncertainty, in other words within the storm’s possible projected path when it hits landfall. It’s gotten to the point where residents are asking, “Really? Again?”

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This Is Certainly Not the Future I Would Have Predicted

Occasionally, a piece of media crosses your path and reminds you just how flimsily we are tethered to the material plane. For me, it was the video of the virtual audience on Kelly Clarkson’s daytime talk show dancing to Vin Diesel’s new dance single, “Feel Like I Do,” that he produced with the help of Norwegian DJ Kygo. For you, perhaps it was that confounding sentence I just typed.

If you would like to see the disconcerting clip yourself, here it is, courtesy of Uproxx writer Josh Kurp.

His description alone left me feeling faint, dizzy with the knowledge that the phrase “virtual Kelly Clarkson Show audience members dancing to Vin Diesel’s new song” would surely clang around in my

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