Want To Know How Your Chicken Filet Was Raised? This Technology May Tell You

“I do have a question about the chicken—can you just tell us a little more about it?” Carrie Brownstein’s character asks of her waitress to learn about her dinner meat in IFC’s hit comedy Portlandia. She and her husband, played by Fred Armisen, continue questioning the waitress about the chicken until she provides the couple with a folder filled with information about the rooster. The diners learn the chicken was named Colin and that he grew up nearby on four acres of land, eating a diet of sheep’s milk, soy and hazelnuts. 

Though this may seem slapstick, consumers’ desire to know where their food’s origins, and to support sustainable and ethical farming, is real. In a 2016 Label Insight survey, 94% of 1,500 consumers said that their purchase decisions are impacted by the manufacturers’ transparency in how the food is made. Further, 71% of these consumers said they consider

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