Future plc Acquires CinemaBlend

CinemaBlend reached 19.4m monthly unique visitors over the first half of 2020, representing growth of 118% year-on-year. In 2020 CinemaBlend continued to perform well with the impact of increasing appetite for advice on what to watch on TV, resulting in 28m sessions in June 2020 alone.

This acquisition positions Future as an authority in the entertainment landscape, able to deliver expertly-crafted content to a growing audience of passionate TV fans. It expands Future’s reach of 46m online users in its TV, Film, Games, and Entertainment verticals, particularly in the US. CinemaBlend complements the growth of Future’s recently-launched¬†WhatToWatch.com by establishing a strong market position, as well as enabling collaboration, content sharing and new expertise.

CinemaBlend presents opportunities to further diversify online revenue streams via Future’s proprietary technology platform. This includes Hawk, Future’s price comparison technology that helps consumers find the best deals in the market,¬†and Hybrid, Future’s leading advertising

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