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A new study authored by Southwest Research Institute scientists Rodrigo Leiva and Marc Buie reveals the binary nature of a trans-Neptunian object (TNO). Leiva and Buie utilized data obtained by the Research and Education Collaborative Occultation Network (RECON), a citizen science research net-work dedicated to observing the outer solar system. The study was published this month in The Astrophysical Journal.

Trans-Neptunian objects (TNOs) are small icy bodies that orbit the Sun beyond Neptune. Binary TNOs occur when two of these objects orbit each other while together or-biting the Sun. Leiva and Buie discovered two objects in a particularly close gravitational configuration. The pair was detected using a stellar occultation, which occurs when an object passes between Earth and a distant star which hides, or “occults,” the star from view. Observers located in the path of the object’s shadow can record the star blinking out and reappearing. The length of time

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Citizen Scientist Creates Stunning Image Of Jupiter’s North Pole


  • A citizen scientist put together a stunning image of Jupiter using Juno’s data
  • In the image, one can see the stunning swirls of Jupiter’s signature cyclones in colors 
  • Such contributions highlight the role citizen scientists play in scientific endeavors

A citizen scientist has put together a stunning image of Jupiter’s north pole by highlighting the features of the planet. The image reveals the subtle details in Jupiter’s cloud structure.

NASA shared a stunning image of Jupiter on Wednesday, showing the planet’s north pole in a way it had not been observed before. In the image, one can see the stunning swirls of Jupiter’s signature cyclones in striking colors. 

Such images can help broaden the people’s understanding of Jupiter and kindle a deeper interest among them in the largest planet in the solar system. 

“The huge, persistent cyclone found at Jupiter’s north pole is visible at the center of

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