Scientists Are Now One Step Closer to a Nuclear Clock

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Scientists have a new precise measurement they say could help them finally make a nuclear clock, rather than a simply atomic one.

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Physicists from Gutenberg Universitaet Mainz (JGU) and other German scientists used an extremely tiny instrument—a magnetic microcalorimeter named maXs30—to measure movement within the nucleus of the isotope thorium-229. The scientists super-cooled the detector to minus 273 degrees Celsius to measure the “miniscule temperature rise that occurs when a gamma-ray is absorbed,” according to the JGU press release.

Thorium-229 is special among isotopes because of the extremely low energy of its lowest excited state, meaning it’s the best candidate for a measurable standard that can be used to make a practical clock. This isn’t something you’ll put on your nightstand, or even something that will likely be used inside your local university’s advanced

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Apple’s ‘iPhone City’ in China is reportedly working around the clock to produce the iPhone 12 as its expected launch draws near

a close up of a computer: Apple's iPhone 11 Crystal Cox/Business Insider

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Apple’s iPhone 11 Crystal Cox/Business Insider

  • Foxconn, Apple’s main iPhone assembler, has ramped up iPhone production at its factory in Zhengzhou, China ahead of the expected iPhone 12 launch next month.
  • The factory is working 24 hours per day, offering worker bonuses, and canceling holidays to focus on iPhone production, according to a report from the South China Morning Post.
  • Zhengzhou is often referred to “iPhone City” by locals because of the factory’s massive presence in the city.
  • Apple typically unveils its new iPhones in September, but the company is instead expected to reveal its latest lineup in October after facing delays because of the coronavirus pandemic. 
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Apple is reportedly ramping up production of the iPhone 12 ahead of its expected launch next month.


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The factory in Zhengzhou, China, operated by Foxconn, Apple’s main iPhone assembler,

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