Scientists Are Now One Step Closer to a Nuclear Clock

From Popular Mechanics

Scientists have a new precise measurement they say could help them finally make a nuclear clock, rather than a simply atomic one.

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Physicists from Gutenberg Universitaet Mainz (JGU) and other German scientists used an extremely tiny instrument—a magnetic microcalorimeter named maXs30—to measure movement within the nucleus of the isotope thorium-229. The scientists super-cooled the detector to minus 273 degrees Celsius to measure the “miniscule temperature rise that occurs when a gamma-ray is absorbed,” according to the JGU press release.

Thorium-229 is special among isotopes because of the extremely low energy of its lowest excited state, meaning it’s the best candidate for a measurable standard that can be used to make a practical clock. This isn’t something you’ll put on your nightstand, or even something that will likely be used inside your local university’s advanced

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Concorde Replacement Edges Closer With Boom’s XB-1 Unveiling

Boom Supersonic has taken a big step toward putting a Concorde-like supersonic passenger plane into commercial service with the unveiling of a prototype.

Colorado-based Boom pulled the wraps off the sleek-looking aircraft at a special event at Centennial Airport in Denver on Wednesday, October 7.

Officially known as the XB-1 but nicknamed the Baby Boom, the jet is 21.6 meters long with a 6.4-meter wingspan, making it a third of the size of the planned Overture aircraft that the company is planning to build.

Featuring a carbon-composite airframe and powered by three General Electric-designed J85-15 engines, the XB-1 is expected to take its first flight in 2021 in tests that will help Boom refine the design of Overture.

The XB-1 only has space for the pilot, but Overture will seat up to 75 passengers while flying at speeds of Mach-2.2 — almost 1,700 mph, or more than twice the speed

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As election draws closer, the NBA continues calls to vote


Los Angeles Lakers’ LeBron James (23) reacts after no foul was called against the Miami Heat during the second half in Game 3 of basketball’s NBA Finals, Sunday, Oct. 4, 2020, in Lake Buena Vista, Fla.


Udonis Haslem is honest about it: Elections simply have not been overly important to him.

That is, until now.

He’s been a registered voter since 2004, so it’s not like he’s been unaware of the process or how it works. But it’s also been far from a passion project for Haslem, the Miami Heat forward who serves as a team captain and tries to set an example for every other player in the locker room. So, this year, that meant getting involved in the election process.

“Growing up in my household, voting was never a conversation,” Haslem said. “Voting was never a conversation when I went

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China Tech to Face Even Closer Scrutiny From Global Governments

(Bloomberg) — China’s tech companies will face a tougher time globally as digital decoupling accelerates and countries with shared values join forces to promote their technology standards and ethics, according to a report from the Hinrich Foundation.

a circuit board: The Huawei Technologies Co. logo sits on display on an Apple Inc. iPhone in this arranged photograph in London, U.K., on Thursday, July 16, 2020. U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson faces a diplomatic minefield after banning China’s Huawei from the U.K.’s next-generation wireless networks, as Beijing accused him of breaking promises and Donald Trump claimed credit for the prime minister’s decision.

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The Huawei Technologies Co. logo sits on display on an Apple Inc. iPhone in this arranged photograph in London, U.K., on Thursday, July 16, 2020. U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson faces a diplomatic minefield after banning China’s Huawei from the U.K.’s next-generation wireless networks, as Beijing accused him of breaking promises and Donald Trump claimed credit for the prime minister’s decision.

Moves by the U.S. against companies such as TikTok, WeChat, Huawei Technologies Co. and Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corp. are only the beginning of a deeper shift that will also see the European Union and international organizations rethink how they engage with Chinese technology, said the Asia-based foundation set up by

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MIT physicists inch closer to zero-emissions power source

Sept. 29 (UPI) — For the last few years, scientists at MIT have been working on a fusion research experiment called SPARC and, according to a series of papers — published Tuesday in the Journal of Plasma Physics — the research is going quite smoothly.

The research effort, a collaboration between MIT and startup company Commonwealth Fusion Systems, is intended to pave the way for an emissions-free power plant — a fusion reactor.

According to the latest updates, scientists have yet to encounter any unexpected hurdles. What’s more, researchers characterized the remaining challenges as manageable.

Over the last 2 1/2 years, researchers on the project have focused on working out the physical principles underlying their planned fusion reactor. So far, the work has confirmed the validity of the plasma physics behind their SPARC plans.

“These studies put SPARC on a firm scientific basis,” Martin Greenwald, researcher at the MIT Plasma

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Spin clean-up method brings practical quantum computers closer to reality — ScienceDaily

Quantum computers are the new frontier in advanced research technology, with potential applications such as performing critical calculations, protecting financial assets, or predicting molecular behavior in pharmaceuticals. Researchers from Osaka City University have now solved a major problem hindering large-scale quantum computers from practical use: precise and accurate predictions of atomic and molecular behavior.

They published their method to remove extraneous information from quantum chemical calculations on Sept. 17 as an advanced online article in Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, a journal of the Royal Society of Chemistry.

“One of the most anticipated applications of quantum computers is electronic structure simulations of atoms and molecules,” said paper authors Kenji Sugisaki, Lecturer and Takeji Takui, Professor Emeritus in the Department of Chemistry and Molecular Materials Science in Osaka City University’s Graduate School of Science.

Quantum chemical calculations are ubiquitous across scientific disciplines, including pharmaceutical therapy development and materials research. All of

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A closer look at Luna, Amazon’s cloud gaming service

Luna is what happens when you take the subscription model of Prime Video, mash it up with Twitch, plug that into Amazon Web Services, and wrap it all in an Alexa-powered gamepad. In short, Luna is Amazon’s cloud gaming platform, and the latest rival to Microsoft’s xCloud and Google’s Stadia. It goes live in early access in October, subscriptions start at $5.99 a month, and players in the US can sign up today to receive an invite via Amazon. 

Amazon revealed Luna and its low-latency gamepad today during the company’s annual hardware event. We spoke with platform executives — and briefly went hands-on with Luna itself — ahead of this morning’s announcement and gathered a handful of details about the platform, some of which have been underplayed or overlooked in Amazon’s own information dump.

First up, this whole “Android coming soon” business.

Amazon's cloud-gaming service, Luna.
Amazon’s cloud-gaming service, Luna.

Android availability

Initially, Luna

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New Tech Chief of Startup Hypergiant Envisions Closer Human-AI Collaboration

Hypergiant Industries Inc. tapped a former International Business Machines Corp. official as its first chief technology officer, the artificial intelligence startup announced Tuesday.

Mohammed Farooq, who previously served as a general manager within


Global Technology Services unit, officially started Monday as CTO and general manager of products. He was also given a board seat by the Austin, Texas-based company, which offers AI technologies and services primarily to U.S. military branches, aerospace, and industrial companies.

Mr. Farooq said part of his primary vision is to develop a cloud-agnostic platform that helps companies foster greater collaboration between humans and AI systems. He said he believes the future of AI will involve autonomous applications that pair humans with machines, and the key ingredients for getting there, including corporate data troves and cloud computing, exist today.

“Building autonomous teaming apps, with humans and machines, is the future,” he said. “All the building

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Electric cars are closer to a breakthrough than you might think

It’s late 2020 and the auto world is still divided over what will make most consumers like an electric car. Range? Charging infrastructure? Cost? Driving feel? What we know consumers like is clarity, not a debate. Now what?

Tesla is about to hold its much-awaited Battery Day, during which we may see a major announcement about increased battery energy density, allowing much more energy to be stored in a given size or weight of battery pack. It would be important because it could propel Tesla on both ends of the market.  

“On the higher end of the market you can go for more range,” says Sam Abuelsamid, Principal Research Analyst at Guidehouse Research, about an EV metric consumers have become obsessed with. “On the other end, one of the biggest challenges is price

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