Apple, Microsoft and WIMI Competes in the Hologram AR Market, Subverting the Interaction of VI

Hong Kong – With the advent of the technological era, technology has now been fully integrated into our lives. The traces of science and technology can be seen everywhere in our lives, which greatly promotes the development of the era of science and technology. In recent years, AR devices have begun to be used in people’s lives. Meanwhile, AR devices have begun to appear in our lives.

AR glasses have always been a hot technology product that people pay more attention to, because with the rapid development of the technology era, AR devices may eventually replace smartphones. The reason why AR glasses have attracted much attention is mainly that the semi-immersive technology of AR has subverted the way people interact with information in the past, allowing information and vision truly integrated and let us re-perceive the world.

Every day, we are accustomed to obtaining massive amounts of information by moving

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