Vivo’s detachable pop-up camera concept is the evolution smartphone photography needs!

Vivo is not new to innovation in mobile camera technology. After having surprised the industry with the pop-up selfie camera, and a phone with dual elevating front cameras; the Chinese OEM has gone a step further to introduce a concept phone with a pop-up selfie camera module that can be removed from the body of the smartphone. This conceptual, interactive, and intuitive camera opens up a whole new range of multi-angle photography previously unseen with smartphone cameras.

IFEA Camera Mobilephone, as Vivo calls its concept smartphone, comes with a detachable front camera module called the IFEA. A user can detach the rectangular camera from the phone once it has completely popped out of its housing. IFEA can then be used wirelessly in any setting while being controlled with the smartphone from a distance. Vivo says the camera can also be voice-controlled to click and record. Furthermore, it can be attached

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Vivo IFEA Concept Smartphone With Detachable Camera Wins Red Dot Award

Smartphone manufacturers have been long trying to achieve all-screen design. And in this process, the Vivo concept smartphone IFEA with a detachable camera module has grabbed Red Dot Award.

Moreover, OEMs have somewhat achieved the all-screen design with the motorized pop-up camera module or flip camera mechanism, etc. But all boils down to the device’s durability.

However, Vivo’s concept phone dubbed as Vivo IFEA that has a modular camera system has won the Red Dot Design Award. Well, it is no denying fact that Vivo is always the front runner when it comes to smartphone innovation.

Vivo was the first OEM to bring under-display fingerprint technology, which was later adopted by other OEMs. And now once again, Vivo is stealing the limelight with its detachable or modular camera system.

As per the official award landing page, the Vivo IFEA is Vivo’s answer to provide new photography system experience on smartphones.

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Vivo’s IFEA Camera smartphone concept with modular design wins Red Dot Award

Smartphone manufacturers have been trying to make several design changes to make their devices stand out from the competition. There are major developments happening for the front-facing camera module, from pop-up to under-display sensor.

At the same time, Vivo has developed a new concept smartphone, dubbed IFEA that has a detachable front camera module. Now, this modular design from the Chinese company has won the Red Dot Design Award.

Based on the description on the award landing page, this new IFEA smartphone design from Vivo is an attempt to offer a new photography system and experience which is totally different from what is usually offered with a smartphone.

IFEA is designed to equip smartphones with a detachable front camera. It integrates enhanced user-friendly shooting features and the users can create and record images and videos anytime and anywhere.

EDITOR’S PICK: Vivo X50, Realme 7, OnePlus Nord, and many more get

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Chinese automakers show off concept sportscars, amid auto market slump

GAC unveiled its electric sports car prototype on Sept. 26, 2020, at the Beijing auto show.

Evelyn Cheng | CNBC

BEIJING — Some of the flashiest items Chinese companies had on display at the first major auto show since the coronavirus pandemic were concept sports cars.

While vehicle sales for state-owned Guangzhou Automobile Group (GAC) fell 9.87% from a year ago in the first eight months of 2020, following a decline of nearly 4% last year, the company has been developing an electric sports car called “Enpulse.”

The company revealed the glimmering metallic vehicle to media on Saturday at the Beijing auto show, which was delayed by five months due to the outbreak of Covid-19. 

The convertible electric sports vehicle features a yellow interior with striped pink sections, evoking a rainbow. The car was developed by GAC’s global design team, particularly designers from the company’s Los Angeles office, according to

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810-HP Hyundai Veloster Concept Is an All-Electric RWD Track Car

Photo credit: Hyundai
Photo credit: Hyundai

From Car and Driver

In a follow-up to its electric eTCR Veloster race car introduced last year, Hyundai has built a new battery-powered concept based on our favorite hot hatch. It’s called the RM20e, and like the Veloster eTCR, it has a mid-mounted motor and spins the rear wheels. Developed in collaboration with Rimac, it makes a claimed 810 horsepower and 708 lb-ft of torque. That is . . . a lot.

The RM20e is the latest in a long line of midship Hyundai Veloster concepts, with the first having debuted in 2015. The RM stands for “racing midship.” According to the South Korean company, the car is an engineering rolling lab for testing its new high-performance tech. The single 800-volt electric motor is powered by a 60.0-kWh lithium-ion battery pack, which Hyundai claims is able to propel the car to 60 mph in less than three

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Honda SUV E Concept previews its electric future in China

Honda SUV E Concept

Not bad looking at all.


Honda gave us what’s likely a thinly disguised look at its first electric vehicle for China ahead of the 2020 Beijing Motor Show this past Saturday. Called the SUV E Concept, the vehicle directly points to a future mass-production model specifically for China, according to Honda. It’s a handsome thing and appears to pull from Honda’s current production cars.

The headlight and overall fascia look like a direct evolution from the current Honda Accord, Civic and even the Clarity with thin, angled headlights and angled face. It’s easy to see where a traditional grille would sit, if this wasn’t a battery-powered concept car. We don’t have any other information on the SUV E Concept’s electric powertrain, so we’ll need to wait and see what the automaker plans to share in the future.

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MFT ‘Alice’ concept camera promises smartphone AI with interchangeable lenses: Digital Photography Review

A team of engineers, data scientists and content creators have come together to produce a camera that it says marries the quality of Micro Four Thirds with the artificial intelligence of a smartphone to ‘change and challenge the concept of the digital camera for the next decade’. Alice is a camera that uses a MFT sensor and lens mount, and which is controlled by a smartphone app.

Similar to Sony’s QX10 camera announced back in 2013, Alice has no screen of its own, but uses a clamp on the rear to allow users to attach their phone for adjusting settings, previewing and reviewing images. The camera and phone will communicate using a 5GHz wireless connection while its creators say AI and computational drivers will offer ‘new capabilities and techniques for autofocusing, autoexposure, colour science and more.’

The idea was born out of an experience where a smartphone took a much

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DLR U-Shift concept: Is this the future of urban logistics and mobility?

The first DLR U-Shift prototype was presented at the Interim Conference of the Strategic Dialogue for the Automotive Sector at Baden-Württemberg, Stuttgart last week. You’re looking at a multipurpose all-electric vehicle with a modular design. According to the German Aerospace Center (Deutsches Zentrum für Luft und Raumfahrt) or DLR, the U-Shift caters to various applications. It can be configured as a mobile sales service, on-call bus, passenger shuttle, or mobile distribution center to name a few.

“We want to make tomorrow’s mobility more sustainable, effective, and convenient,” said Nicole Hoffmeister-Kraut, Baden-Württemberg Minister for Economic Affairs. “Entirely new products and business models can emerge from futuristic innovations such as the U-Shift vehicle concept.”

The U-Shift reminds us of the eBussy modular EV, a 100-percent all-electric light-duty vehicle with configurable body styles. Designed by fellow German EV maker Electric Brands, the eBussy is available in station wagon, minivan, pickup truck, or convertible

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Meet Calypso, a daredevil mission concept to explore the surface of Venus

Of all the rocky, inner worlds of the solar system, Venus is the most challenging to explore. 

With surface temperatures reaching a bewildering 867 degrees Fahrenheit (464 degrees Celsius), even the most hardened landers can’t survive for long. But a new idea, called the Calypso Venus Scout, calls for a bold new mission design: a science probe dangling 20 miles (32 kilometers) below a cloud-borne balloon. 

Welcome to hell

Because Venus is only slightly smaller than our own planet, it’s taken up the nickname of the “Earth’s twin.” But if Venus really is a twin of the Earth, it’s the evil kind. Despite their similar sizes, the two worlds couldn’t be more different. While Earth maintains a balmy climate, with a decent atmosphere keeping the lid on vast expanses of liquid water oceans, Venus is a nightmare world. 

Related: Venus, once billed as Earth’s twin, is a hothouse (and

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Microsoft Surface Solo Concept Shows Smartphone Alternative To Surface Duo

The Microsoft Surface Solo smartphone concept popped up online quite recently. This is just a concept design by a well-known designer, which shows a smartphone alternative to the Microsoft Surface Duo.

As most of you know by now, the Microsoft Surface Duo is Microsoft’s take on a foldable smartphone, kind of. This handset does not feature a flexible display, or anything of the sort. It basically looks like two smartphones that are stitched together.

Some people seem to be really interested in the device, though, and Microsoft has a vision for this handset. Based on early reports, the software needs some work, but the company will probably sort that part out.

This Microsoft Surface Solo concept envisions a smartphone that has been rumored for a long time

In any case, a ‘Surface’ smartphone from Microsoft has been rumored for a long time. It has been rumored even when the Windows

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